Structural Inspection Reports

The structure is the most important part of a building; it forms the skeleton that all other aspects rely upon for support. Whether defects are found that need attention or you are considering alterations or a change of use, our structural inspection report service can help.

We inspect and report upon existing buildings of all types and conditions and provide recommendations for any structural repairs required to bring the structure into good condition.

Visual inspection of the existing building and consideration of your proposal alterations. We will confirm whether your proposal is feasible and outline the nature of any structural works that may be required.The load-carrying appraisal of the existing structure and confirmation of the need for strengthening that may be required.

Why choose us to carry out your structural engineer inspection report?

We are a structural engineering practice based in Truro offering a full range of structural engineering services, including structural engineer reports. Form’s team consists of highly experienced and capable engineers, technicians and support staff. We pride ourselves on our friendly and proactive approach with the aim of being responsive to our client’s requirements from the initial enquiry stage, providing advice and through to project completion.

We use modern structural engineering analysis and building modelling software to produce well communicated, efficient designs. We collaborate with the client and other members of the creative team to develop a design that meets all requirements and needs, considers the architectural scheme and the existing site.

Our services include:

  • Structural Design.
  • Building Control Calculations.
  • Structural Element Design.
  • Structural Engineer Reports.
  • Party Wall Surveys.
  • Construction Quality Inspections.

We understand the need to work closely alongside agents and architects as part of the design team during the detailed stage of any project. This approach limits delays in the preparation of potential construction/tender packages.

We also recognise the importance of:

  • Timescales for initial markups to allow the architect to move forward with the scheme.
  • Working with and having discussions/ flexibility on the approach to the engineering to allow consideration during the design process.
  • Tailoring our output to meet the need and budget of the project.
  • Clear and concise drawings and details for easy interpretation.

Whether you are an individual private client, small business or larger company we recognise that your project represents a significant investment, we always aim to deliver a good quality service to support any of our clients through the design and construction stage.

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