Civil structural engineers

In its broadest sense, civil structural engineering is everything built around us, things you can see, such as roads, railways, schools, offices, hospitals and bridges and stuff you can’t, like drainage, water and energy supply and much more. Civil engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of construction expertise and arose from artisan craftspeople who passed their knowledge down through the generations. Civil engineering has since diverged into many disciplines, including architecture, infrastructure and structural engineering.

What civil structural engineering services do I need for my residential project?

Drainage strategy

You will need a drainage strategy for your planning submission. This comprises drawings detailing drainage routes, sustainable urban drainage systems and sewer connections combined with calculations to demonstrate that the proposed scheme meets the Environment agency policy on climate change and Local Planning Authority requirements.

Levels and setting out

The existing site levels and proposed construction need to be considered together when setting proposed levels for the new building and surrounding landscaping, users’ ability to navigate that landscape, and precisely the requirements of the building regulations and NHBC standards. The civil engineer will provide detailed setting out information to the contractor to position walls, kerbs and drainage.

External finishes construction specification

The detailed design of external finishes depends upon the ground conditions, the proposed surface type and the proposed use. The civil structural engineer will provide appropriate construction buildups for the contractor to achieve the desired result and ensure durability.

How can Form help?

Civil engineers and structural engineers work closely together, the civil engineer will level and define the height of retaining walls, then the structural engineer will design the retaining wall to suit this and the space available. Form has links with suitably experienced civil engineers and can coordinate their appointment. Once appointed, Form works closely with the civil engineer to produce the most appropriate design for your project.

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