Residential structural engineers

Are you looking for experienced residential structural engineers?

Residential engineering is a multifaceted subject and ranges from the design of a single beam/lintel over an opening to the construction of large multi-storey buildings, intercontinental bridges, oil rigs, and wind turbines.

Such is the breadth of the subject that an individual residential structural engineer cannot be a master of the entire field. Most will choose to specialise in a reduced range of structures so that they can focus their expertise. 

A residential engineer has decided to put their effort and knowledge into a residential structural design; they will:

  • Understand how most existing houses are built, everyday issues that arise with these, and the solutions to these problems.
  • Be an expert in the structural alteration of existing homes and the design of solutions to remove walls, convert lofts, extend buildings and change of use.
  • Specialise in the design of new houses, creating efficient structures that sustainably meet the Client’s brief.

How can Form’s residential structural engineers help?

Our structural engineers will cover the following areas:

  • Brief – Firstly we will seek to understand a client’s requirements and determine the success criteria. This might be to ‘knock through’ an existing wall to combine two rooms or it could be to create an architecturally striking new property in a special location. Without an objective, success is not guaranteed.
  • Understand the site/existing structure.
    • Ground conditions – desk study, trial pits and boreholes. Expert specialist 3rd party advice.
    • Existing building – inspections, record drawings.
  • Develop a structural solution – advise the client upon the feasibility of their project and produce a scheme design that meets the brief whilst considering the project constraints.
  • Communicate the proposed solution to the Client and their design team and seek an agreed solution through collaboration.
  • Produce the detailed design – complete calculations, prepare plans, details and specifications for the construction works.
  • Provide support during the construction process – attend site, check quality resolve issues that may arise.
  • Project completion – seek feedback from our Clients upon the service they experienced and the outcome of their project. This helps us refine our services for future projects and Clients.

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