Building regulation application

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The building regulations are laws set by the government that all new buildings and many modifications, conversion and extensions must comply with. The building regulations are there to ensure that buildings are safe, healthy and energy-efficient.

The regulations are the law, alongside these are the approved documents. These are divided into parts A-R and offer more detailed advice about how to comply with the building regulations and cover a broad range of subjects including structural integrity, fire, accessibility, energy acoustics, electrical and gas safety amongst others. 

The UK government have published a useful manual to the building regulations and a combined set of the approved documents, they can be found here:

Another useful resource is the planning portal, the section on building control is available here:

What do you need to do?

All applicable projects must obtain building regulation compliance. There are two ways to do this, either making an application to a building control body or approved inspector, or by using an installer who is registered as a competent person under a government-approved scheme.

The usual approach for a new building, alteration, refurbishment or extension is to make an application to a building control body or approved inspector. The submission will need to include plans, specifications and details for the proposed work. Once underway the inspector will need to see the works at various stages to confirm that the actual work completed is acceptable.

How can Form’s consultants help?

Approved Document A – Structure includes design standards and guidance for the structural stability and safety of all buildings. It includes guidance on structural arrangement, loading, foundations, disproportionate collapse and ground movement. There are also diagrams and details for different areas of construction that show typical ways to achieve structural adequacy. 

As structural engineers, Form is very familiar with the requirements of Approved Document A and are well versed in achieving structural adequacy.

  • We prepare plans and details for the construction and specify the materials to be used.
  • We complete structural calculations to justify member sizes and compile these into a report for the Building Control Body Approved Inspector to review.
  • We can attend site during the construction phase to check that the building works are in accordance with the structural engineering design and resolve any unexpected issues or changes that may arise.

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